A former video and radio producer turned emotive romance novelist said writing sex scenes in her novels often feels weird when people she knows read them in her books.

Christy McKellen, from Brighton, said she tries not to be embarrassed by it.

“I actually enjoy writing the sexual tension bits the most!” she said.

“I try not to be embarrassed when people I know read my novels, but it can feel a bit weird sometimes, especially if it’s one of my mum’s friends who have known me since I was born.

“I really pour my heart out into my books and try not to hold back.”

Despite her success of numerous books, published by Mills & Boon, Christy said she didn’t think being an author for a living would be possible.

“I’ve always loved writing,” she added.

“I made up a lot of stories in my youth, but I never imagined I’d write for a living.

“I wanted to be an actress when I was younger.”

Christy said it took her five years to get published after receiving plenty of rejection emails from publishers.

She said it’s important to read a lot, and to never give up, no matter how many rejection letters you receive.

She said: “Join any online writing communities you can find for your genre, they are great places to find like-minded novelists.

“It was hard getting knocked back, but it’s all part of the journey.”

Christy also said it’s a good idea to have a look what books are selling well in the genre you are looking to write for.

She said: “Read a lot, particularly in the genre and line you want to write for.

“See what other people are doing and what’s selling well, then put your own unique twist on it.”

Despite her own success, Christy said she was too nervous to talk to other novelists during a conference in New York.

“There were literally thousands of romance writers there!” she said.

“I got to rub shoulders with people like Nora Roberts and Sylvia Day, though I didn’t pluck up enough courage to actually speak to them!”

Christy is currently writing a series of three books for the new ‘Dare’ line that Mills & Boon are launching in February next year.

She said: “They’re going to be super sexy and really fun! I’m hoping my first one will be out at the end of next year.

“In the meantime I’ve just had a book called His Mistletoe Proposal released this month and will have another for that line in March/April next year.

“These ones are sweet romances, but with my trademark sexual tension threaded through them.”

Christy also has a self-published title, Hearts on Ice, which she says is perfect for snugging up with this winter.

She said: “It’s set in the Yorkshire Dales, where I spent many a wonderful childhood holiday, so it’s very close to my heart.”

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To find out more about Christy and her work, visit her website here.